A primary goal of every UP class workout is to create and encourage strong fierce bodies in a 100% safe, fun, and absolutely no judgment setting. While we don’t restrict by gender outright, we reserve the right to refuse class attendance to ANYONE we feel would make our majority female members feel unsafe.

An UP class workout is NOT a CrossFit workout. At UP we focus on functional movements and gaining strength in areas that help you move better day in and day out, preventing longterm injuries and giving you a real strength foundation. You won’t find slamming weights, grunting, or any odd form movements here. At UP we move on purpose and for a purpose, like a jammin Ninja, not an angry Beast.

Lifting weights on a regular basis does NOT make one bulky… eating way more than necessary and lifting extremely heavy multiple times a week can lead to bulkiness. UP class workouts combined with a normal diet will only create a strong lean shape that is never bulky.

A ton of fun, and a great sweat! We work in circuits where we perform a variety of exercises as a team, with full body workouts in both Shred & Sculpt, while Booty focuses on … Dat Ass! If you don’t feel comfortable with any exercises, there are always modifications. If you’re a more advanced exerciser, we have lots of ways to keep you feeling challenged!

All of our classes are appropriate for all levels, but you may benefit more from starting with our Shred workout, where you’ll gain a great foundation of body awareness, core engagement, and proper form to set you up with a great foundation to build on. But we always recommend you try all 3 to see for yourself.

Then there is no better time than now to come workout with us! Let us help you make your workouts efficient and results driven. We have members of all different fitness levels.

We keep a heavy eye on attendance at UP, and our best advice is come to class as often as you can – if we suspect you’re overtraining we’ll definitely let you know. Our classes are 45 minutes, out of the 1,440 minutes in your day. Even if you were to attend 1 class every day of the week – your chances of overtraining are near impossible. Overtraining is seen exclusively with those who do very high intensity workouts for multiple hours a day for weeks on end, usually hardcore athletes are the only people to hit this wall. So come as often as you can, give every class your all, and listen to your body.

While UP classes can be taken by beginners this in no way makes them easy. Even the most seasoned fitness individual or gym rat will leave our workouts with a new found sense of awareness and accomplishment. Only you can bring the intensity level to the table that you desire in a workout, regardless of studio.

Absolutely! Our workouts are not designed quickly or haphazardly and are programmed to allow you to set small goals monthly and increase your performance. With a random workout every day how can you ever see if you’re making any progress? Our workouts switch monthly so you can see and feel how much strength you’re gaining throughout the month. Then just when you’re body starts to get used to the moves, we switch it all up keeping your muscles and body on it’s toes. This also allows you to learn the moves, feel confident in your movement, and keep your metabolism burning.

There is more than one way to cardio. We do practice cardio but with more dynamics than just running, biking, or burpees. We use full body exercises that challenge the body without the monotonous feel to it.

We recommend that you incorporate an UP workout as often as 2-3X per week to see a difference in your body and how you feel. You’ll feel the workout immediately, but actual results are up to the individual student. As with all things, the more dedicated and committed you are the more quickly you’ll start to see results.

At UP we have ZERO restrictions on what you wear. Wanna rock that new sports bra or some flamin’ cheetos leggings? You go girl!! Our only advice is whatever you wear should be comfortable to move around in and your shoes are clean. The only item we highly suggest bringing is a water bottle. We have water available (and small cups) but a water bottle filled to the brim will ensure that you are staying hydrated and feeling great, plus it’s environmentaly friendly.

Nothing at all! However, some members do wear fitness gloves, we recommend them as well for their increased grip performance.

As a new, growing studio, we will only add additional classes based on attendance growth and member enthusiasm. We would love to offer classes all day long/every day but we want to make sure each has the energy and environment befitting an UP class. If there is a day or time that we do not offer a class that would work well for you, just let us know. We are always growing and thrive on all member feedback.

Never! Everyone at UP is only here to help and encourage. We never pressure anybody to sign up for a membership or purchase any of our services. We want every single UP member to genuinely want to be here, and we want you to genuinely want to be here. That being said, feel free to ask us any questions regarding memberships or anything UP during your first class.


While women most certainly rule at UP we are not a restricted gender studio.

We use a variety of limited impact strength equipment including dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX Suspension, cable machine, battle ropes, boxes, sand bags, hip thruster, and resistance bands. We do not utilize treadmills, squat racks, or any equipment that unnecessarily increases the potential for injury due to improper form. The key to long-term strength is in proper movement of the body not what equipment is used and at UP we have your back…. and knees!

We at UP see running and cycling as inward growth activities to be done with passion and not for sweat torture. Neither running, biking, or walking up a stair machine are ever needed to exercise or even improve your running or cycling goals. Doing this activity as your exclusive fitness regime at any indoor facility will never lead to longterm body transformations or improvements in strength, and may hasten any knee injuries. From barreling down that mountain trail, to charging through a marathon, only a proper muscle foundation built up with scientific strength training will provide you with the best chance at smashing any goals and reducing your chance for unnecessary injury along the way.

While we unfortunately don’t offer showers we do have a sleek changing area with enough locker space for any gear you may bring. In addition we also provide some basic complimentary amenities including: phone chargers, hair ties, deodorant, dry shampoo, and tampons. Our restroom facilities are located in a shared space and we provide two keys at the front of our studio for when ya gotta go.

Of course! We know it feels good to know what you’re stepping into. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll schedule a time for you to stop by!

While there is no cap on age for our classes, our average age range is between 25-55. Our classes are a combination of floor work and standing work which can be stressful for more senior attendees and those uncomfortable with getting on and off the ground.

All paying students must be over 18 and cleared by a doctor for physical exercise. Students 16+ must be accompanied by an adult legal guardian.

Yes, please contact us about our current rates and how many classes you would like to book. Each private class can host a max of 8 students and can be purchased and scheduled individually. Times for private classes are held outside of our normal class schedule. Gender restrictions do not apply for private classes.

Yes we do! Come cool off and get a great workout in WITHOUT being beat by that summer heat.

We would love to have you be a part of our studio! Please contact us to introduce yourself so we can get to know you more.


We do not have contracts at Unique Physique. Monthly memberships can be cancelled anytime with a 30 day notice from your billing date.

We offer a 10% discount on monthly class packages for First Responders, Military, Public School Teachers, and Social Workers. We also offer a 5% discount for active college students. Please contact us and provide your details to use one of these discounts.

No and we never will. Workout classes where you walk in alone and always walk out alone are a dime a dozen and we want more for our members. UP’s mission is to provide you with all your fitness needs under one roof and where everyone is welcoming and encouraging during your entire fitness journey. Your home away from home, a place with always positive vibes, a place to grow and see constant physical and mental improvement, where frankly…. everybody knows your name and always glad you came :). In the practical sense, general fitness hopping is the worst way to see any significant fitness results. How will you see any real improvement if your workout/gym/coach is always different and nobody ever knows who you are? Consistency with variation and motivating connections are huge ingredients in getting the best outcome of any fitness goal. Both ingredients that are highly respected at UP.

We love referrals! Bring your friends and if they sign up for a monthly class membership you get $30 off your next month! Please ask them to put your name in the referral box upon signup.

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