Our strength workouts are designed exclusively to create and encourage strong female bodies in a completely safe and no judgment setting. Therefore all UP classes cater specifically to female and female identified.

All students do need to be over 18 and be cleared by a doctor for physical exercise.

Of course! We know it feels good to know what you’re stepping into. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll schedule a time for you to stop by!

A ton of fun, and a great sweat! We work in circuits where we perform a variety of exercises as a team, with full body workouts in both Shred & Sculpt, while Booty focuses on … Dat Ass! If you don’t feel comfortable with any exercises, there are always modifications. If you’re a more advanced exerciser, we have lots of ways to keep you feeling challenged!

All of our classes are appropriate for all levels, but you may benefit more from starting with our Shred workout, where you’ll gain a great foundation of body awareness, core engagement, and proper form to set you up with a great foundation to build on. But we always recommend you try all 3 to see for yourself.

Yes! Our classes are adjustable to ensure you’re being pushed, and we have members of all fitness levels. At UP you workout hard, hang out with your team, and enjoy the accountability and encouraging atmosphere. Stronger Together!

We use a variety of strength equipment in each class including dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, cable machine, battle ropes, hip thruster, roman chair, and various free weights.

An UP class is NOT a CrossFit workout. At UP we focus on functional movements and gaining strength in areas that help you move better day in and day out, whether this be daily activities or sports. Our classes also take a catered approach to the feminine shape helping you achieve real results.

Then there is no better time than now to come workout with us! Let us help you make your workouts efficient and results driven. We have members of all different fitness levels.

There is more than one way to cardio. We do practice cardio but with more dynamics than just running, biking, or burpees. We use full body exercises that challenge the body without the monotonous feel to it.

We recommend that you incorporate an UP workout as often as 2-3X per week to see a difference in your body and how you feel. You’ll feel the workout immediately, but actual results are up to the individual student. As with all things, the more dedicated and committed you are the more quickly you’ll start to see results.

Lifting weights on a regular basis does NOT make one bulky… eating way more than necessary and lifting extremely heavy multiple times a week can lead to bulkiness. UP class workouts combined with a normal diet will only create a strong feminine shape that is never bulky.

Something that is easy for your to move around in would be great! Please bring a water bottle and a clean pair of shoes. We have water available (and small cups) but a water bottle you can keep with you will ensure that you are staying hydrated and feeling great!

Nothing at all! However, some members do wear fitness gloves, we recommend them as well for their increased grip performance.

We do not have contracts at Unique Physique. Monthly memberships can be cancelled anytime with a 30 day notice from your billing date.

We offer a 10% discount on monthly class packages for First Responders, Military, Public School Teachers, and Social Workers. We also offer a 5% discount for active college students. Please contact us and provide your details to use one of these discounts.

We love referrals! Bring your friends and if they sign up for a monthly membership you get $30 off your next month! Please ask them to put your name in the referral box upon signup.

We would love to have you be a part of our studio! Please contact us to introduce yourself so we can get to know you more.

Yes, please contact us about our current rates and how many classes you would like to book. Each private class can host a max of 8 students and can be purchased and scheduled individually. Times for private classes are held outside of our normal class schedule. Gender restrictions do not apply for private classes.

Yes we do! Come cool off and get a great workout in WITHOUT being beat by that summer heat.